Saturday, February 28, 2015


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    1. I've been posting a series of photos with text on them. They've all been things this student might be thinking to herself as she moves across campus. There have been 4 of them now, I think. In this one, she's using the Midwestern replacement for "Jesus Christ," as she bemoans the fact that she is on her way to her world religion test. She's wearing jeans. She has a backpack. Her whole life is ahead of her.

    2. I'd never heard of cheese and rice used in that way. I like that.

      It's a pretty funny thing to say before a world religion test.

    3. It's a regionalism for sure, though I could not pinpoint it.

      And, I only spend 12 hours on each image and its text, so when they don't work, it doesn't make me want to throw myself off the Business building.

    4. I missed it completely, too. Must, indeed, be a regionalism (where I come from, even we Christians say "Jesus Christ!" on occasion. One can debate about whether doing so is inappropriate or not; as far as I can tell, the one truly clear rule is that you shouldn't swear falsely in/on Jesus/God's name, especially in a way that causes your neighbor harm. Worshipping other gods, including mammon, is also a very bad idea). I was trying to figure out the message hidden in the yellow letters: Cherel? Chere? The Sherrells? (except google tells me it's spelled Shirelles). Some connection between yellow and cheese?

      Now that I get it, I like it.

    5. Color is just design element. It is one if the best posts of the day and I am proud!


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