Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trev the Revelator Sends This In and Finds It "Reprehensible."

While noting that they match 99 percent of incoming freshmen by compatibility, officials from Boston University’s Office of Residence Life admitted Tuesday that every once in a while they get a kick out of pairing up roommates who will absolutely fucking despise one another.

“Most of the time we look at admitted students’ questionnaires on tidiness and study habits to find the most suitable matches, but every so often we let ourselves have a little fun by putting two people together who will make each other’s every moment in the dorm a living nightmare,” said the department’s director, David Zamojski.



  1. That's way inside...and funny.

  2. Absolutely reprehensible! Trying to take credit as if were intentional. Lies, post hoc lies all, I tell you! "It's not a bug, it's a feature."

  3. Great fun for the RAs who get to try to referee the disputes while keeping up with their work, too! Jollies all 'round!

    Actually, I'd guess that many roommates who don't get along don't get along because they're too similar (e.g. two narcissists who love the spotlight and don't want to share it, two neatniks who need to be **the neatest** person in the group, etc.).


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