Wednesday, March 23, 2016

From Fab...

Hi everyone! Just stepping in for a couple of days so the current RGM can take a short break.

Found this amazing piece online last night and share it here because, well, because I started this blog, and I like blogs, and because I hate blogs.

In the manner, here's some flava:

Reasons why I will not be replying to your argument
by Rachael Acks

To whom it may concern:

Thank you for your interest in my blog post / comment / tweet / facebook post / [insert social media of choice here]. I appreciate that you have taken time out of your day to share your opinion with me. However, I will not be addressing said opinion further or at all in any substantive way  for one or more of the following reasons.

The rest!


  1. Can someone post a picture of a duck please?
    Thank You.

  2. I thought this was very cute!

  3. But the author clearly has an Acks to grind.

  4. I wish I could make a poster of this for my office, but adapted to the past tense to apply to stupid adminiflake emails that I never answer. Then when they "just pop in to touch base and follow up to make sure we're on the same page" I can point to the poster and save us both some time.

    I could make a similar one, "Reasons why I will not accept an appointment to a committee with Limburger or Wensleydale, or if appointed, will not attend." The similarities would be striking.

  5. Some normally reasonable people get a bit too upset when the insanity flies in a blog comment thread. Some folks aren't bugged by it. It's always unfortunate and the idiots usually win.

    What bugs me is when the disruption becomes the focus instead of the content of the blog, and that has happened here more times than not. It's a shame.


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