Monday, December 5, 2016

POW! From the Wombat.

I'm going to miss class today.  What do I do?

-NotWombat's Student


IDK, Netflix? 



  1. Cracks me up...

  2. Call up Cash. We'll meet at the river outside of town and smoke each other out.

  3. Consider the wombat, who toils in excavations both large and small, who is in danger of extinction due to the diminishing availability of the only grass it can eat. Now consider the well know (in Australia) peril of hitting a wombat in the rear. Wombats have armored behinds, and an adult wombat has been known to total a car with minimal damage to the animal. What metaphor for your beleaguered professor might one construct based on the wombat?

  4. Psst. Don't tell. I've been sick with a nasty cold for weeks. I cancelled classes today on account of being sick. It was a frigging cold, sunny day. I went for a walk along the river, had a classy lunch, and didn't grade a single paper. I feel so rested, so calm.

    I should do this more often.

    1. I think everyone is entitled to something like this... maybe once a year, tops.

      Alas, i'm pretty sure there are proffies (full time tenured) who do it every week.

  5. Tell this student:

    Stick your head in a toilet bowl and flush repeatedly, until the folly of your ways becomes clear. This may take a while.


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