Tuesday, December 6, 2016

tu esd ay

O pe n 4 rUm 


  1. In my region south of the Mason-Dixon, we have thousands of Asian students. Certainly within a decade, my area of hamsterfurology would be crippled in America if we didn't get those grad students coming from China, Korea, and India. It concerns me deeply that the U.S. President-Elect is playing the games he's playing. What will happen? Are we being shortsighted?

    1. I'm more concerned about the prospect of war with China, Bubba. Five or fewer nuclear blasts on U. S. soil would look TERRIBLE, and feel WORSE.

  2. Today begins the final week of classes--and the start of such drama: computers and printers will break, grandparents will die, illness and disease will distress, the lost will return, asking for forgiveness and understanding--and miracles, the brave will promise a semester's worth of work in a week, etc.

    And the email inbox will survive the torrent of messages, the levees with hold, the floodgates operating for the next 168 hours like a strong delete button....

  3. Sometimes students actually do have emergencies. A student missed her group presentation, but she emailed me to say she wouldn't be there. She included photos of her wrecked car...along with a note saying that her father died in the wreck. Damn.

  4. I have never, ever in my entire career ever gotten through an entire year without at least one case of plagiarism. Often many more.

  5. I was really disappointed in a couple of students on the plagiarism front this semester. One I'd had before in a lower course--very nice, fun, decent student. She KNEW what plagiarism was but blatantly did it anyway. Quick Google search. Busted. She earned a ZERO on her major paper thus an "F" for the semester. I suggested she drop. She did. Still leaves me feeling sick. They'll smile and lie right to your face. Little fuckers.


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