Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Week, First Post, and Nothing to Bitch about - yet.

Not only is this the first week of the semester (happy days), but it's also my first "contribution" to CM. I still miss RYS, but this'll do.

I'm having a rather unremarkable start to the semester. So far, I've had no annoying questions from flakes, no classroom/technology issues, nothing to complain about. Even my most annoying colleague, Batty Bethany, has been low key.

I'm starting to worry that I'm somehow driving to the wrong campus every day, or maybe I've become numb to all of it.

With no misery to report, I'm off to stalk my new students on Facebook - I kid, I kid (maybe).



    Oh don't search it. When you find that first "my prof is an ass," you'll be destroyed...

    It's better to be left in the dark!

  2. Mesto...enjoy the rest of the day! These unremarkable days are the good ones!!!!

  3. I haven't bothered to learn their names yet as 1/4 of them won't return next week. Names are important when stalking on facebook, so I guess it'll have to wait!


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