Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well, she sure felt smart

When the next round of complaints that a college education didn't quite yield the desired career results roll in and somebody asks, "What can I do with my degree now?", here's an article that suggests a useful career idea. Unfortunately, those of you lamenting time wasted in a PhD program have lost 5-10 of your most attractive (and lucrative) years.

Hey, one out of four isn't bad - better than the graduation rates of about 300 schools.


  1. great graphic, Ben!

    if my back wasn't so hairy, I'd be all over that career path. I do love to dance to "Slow Ride" after all.

  2. What makes you think people getting their Ph.D.s aren't lap-dancing on the side? It was actually chic to do so when I was in grad school.

    I totally want to see a VidShizzle of ELS dancing topless to "Slow Ride (Sleazy). Slow Ride (Take it easy..." Yeah.

  3. Maybe some did but I'm certain that none of the grad students I worked with danced. If they did, it was during the lunch shift.

    I'm not sure how I feel about my post inspiring the Slow Ride video. "Proud" doesn't quite do it justice.

  4. The discussion between degree and employment is so 1992. At this point, it has moved from banal to insipid to simply dumb. Education is not about a job.

    It is about learning. Can you fucking learn a goddamn thing beyond what is required for an exam? Yes, then you get to be a store manager and make $50,000 in roughly two years.

    No, then you get to be a stock boy (or girl for you hyperaware sexual folks) and make $12,000 in roughly eight years.

    Otherwise, go to trade school, you simpletons.


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