Monday, August 23, 2010

Improve your course evals in one easy step!

The value of tattoos in higher education:
"the presence of tattoos [on college instructors] was associated with some positive changes in [students'] ratings: students’ motivation, being imaginative about assignments, and how likely students were to recommend her as an instructor."
(You're welcome.)


  1. Interesting.

    But I'd still never let tattoos peek out in the classroom or lecture hall. I figure it would be an invitation for students to ask questions about the tat, which is personal, or worse, show me their tattoos.

  2. For those of you who are wondering, I would get the time independent Hamiltonian equation of a hydrogen atom.

    What academic theme would you have for your tatoo?

  3. When I was a TA, my students were definitely interested when I got tattoo #2. They paid me more attention than they ever had before.

    My tattoos are not academically themed, but I have considered an "I [heart] MLA" tattoo or something related to medieval studies.

  4. I have an ankle tat that's visible in the summer (cause I wear capri pants). The other 3 are only visible if (a) you see me in a backless dress (not gonna happen), (b) you see me swimming (in which case you'll still only see 2 more), (c) I show them to you (if you're a student or a silverback, that ain't gonna happen), or (d) you're my boyfriend.

    The ankle tat's a cheesy half-moon done in Celtic knotwork. My first, my only flash, and I'll never get rid of it because my mom got her first tat that same day with me :)

    Of the 3 back tats, the 2 on my shoulders are innocuous and regretted - remnants of my "I'm gonna pierce everything and gets tons of ink to outwatdly show my 'pain'" phase - I'll soon have them lasered off.

    The large tat on my lower back isn't going anywhere. It's a memorial to my mom, it's huge, and it's so cool it was used for years in the ads for the shop where I got it done. I have to reeeeeaaaaallly like you to show it to you - too personal a story.

    (PS - Ophelia - medieval studies? omg! I want your job!! Any particular area of interest?)

  5. Bipolar Beth, I don't actually teach medieval studies. That would be ludicrous. I teach comp. You do not want me job.


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