Sunday, August 1, 2010

On Civility. An Answer.

I'm late to another fucking party? Crap.

Listen, people. This blog rose from the ashes of RYS. If you have a problem with the tone, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Let the smackdown begin!

I think we should be sticking with some civility rules...

What a great idea! Let's write some up and add them to College Misery's Academic Handbook. Would you care to chair the subcommittee?

Oh, wait... THIS IS A BLOG, not a university. Well, fuck that shit.

things like this should be removed (at least if they are reported to you), their writer warned, and if there are subsequent instances of that kind of post, removed from commenting privileges

Wait a second... you're Professor "Virgin-Ears" Pyle from Hinds Community College, aren't you? I knew I shouldn't have sent you that trollbait email. Shiat.

I don't come here so that juveniles can exercise their "potty" mouths.

O RLY? So why DO you come here?

I feel as if this is my blog because I have posting rights. And I refuse to let it turn into something that was as mean-spirited and vulgar as Rate Your Students.

Ah, good answer! So to paraphrase, you come here because you have control issues and wish to exercise them on teh internets? Ooh, I can tell you're one of the REALLY special CMflakes. Like the students who say, "I feel as if I deserve an A because I showed up. And I refuse to let you give me a grade as low as the Meanest Professor Ever gave me, because I totally didn't deserve it."

Here, have a cookie.

Tell me right now if this kind of vulgarity (F word, S word, A&&hole, and so on) will be tolerated and even supported


so I can go elsehwere.

That would be perfect. Just what I was thinking (except without the typo, of course). THANK YOU!

I hear HCC has a few openings. If that doesn't pan out, maybe BYU?

I think Fab Sun should delete any post with vulgarity to set the tone. The rabble will go elsewhere once they realize they are not wanted here.

That's exactly what I'm hoping. Buh-bye.


  1. Holy Jeebus, it's like a Independence Day sales flier. That's some lovingly handcrafted color coding. But I have no fucking dog in this god-damned fight, you shitheels.

  2. Don't drag me into this shitstorm, Snarky!

    I've been keeping a low profile from the CM douchebags.

    The fucking asshole losers of doom!

    May they rot in Hell.

    (/sarcasm off)

  3. Well it's not like one of the posts has been titled "Those Cocksucking Motherfucking Bags o' Shite in Admina-fucking-stration Fucking cut my Goddamn Funding Today"....people here know how to use swear words to great effect because they use them sparingly and I get the feeling that even when they are venting they are still holding something back. BTW, it's my impression that fake civility breeds passive-agressive behaviors.

  4. And some people thrive on passive-aggressiveness, especially in academia.

    They know nothing else.

  5. Wow, maybe this thing will fly after all!

  6. Can we get a "Like" button on this blog? :)

  7. WOOOHOOO! Give that an amen and a hallelujah :)


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