Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anthony from Amboy Sends In This Appreciation of Weather.

Ooooh, I love the bad weather. It means I get to stay inside and snuggle with my puppy and my Tivo. Oh, I watch it all, the Weather Channel, Style, Bravo, and then some heavy duty HGTV for shows on buying houses in strange lands at prices I could never afford.

I love it when the winter break forces me to hunker down in my little coziness. I daydream about the colors I would paint my home office, even though my home office is also what I call the kitchen nook AND the dining room.

I have a trip to make to a major year-end conference (NOT the MLA, which it seems most of the RYS and CM readers are always bitching about), and now I have to worry if I can get out of Amboy International Airport, where there are Christmas travelers sleeping on the floor and daydreaming about MAYBE getting out by early 2011.

But the trip, fuck it. I just like to be inside my coziness, resting up from the battles of Fall semester.

On the other hand, I require glorious weather in my summer break. I don't want to know from my house. I want to see cicadas beating each other in their mating rituals, and smell the honeysuckle whatever that fills the suburbs of beautiful Amboy.

Weather, or so it seems, doesn't exist for me during the semester. It's just home to car to classroom, repeat. Maybe I make it to the gym...not that my love handles would testify.

So, while weather is hitting my hometown, the Pacific Northwest, California, even down in the Carolinas...let us revel in it. If you have milk and bread and toilet paper, settle in the coziness.

At least there are no faculty meetings or student conferences.

And the TV, baby, it's burning!


  1. @Anthony


    The weather guides us,
    to hunker down,
    or to race outside.

    Let it lead you, my friend,
    and don't fight it,
    and you will remove
    much of modern day stress.

    Of course, HGTV also helps.

  2. anonymous, are you being ironic, or just flat rude? Sorry folks, I know, DFTT.

  3. OMG television! I forget it exists during the semester, and then in the break I go on a mad watching rampage. If you save it up, there is enough good tv to last 10 days.

    Not really agreeing about the weather, although I did go tobogganning.

  4. Have to say that, even though I'm teaching an intersession course, it's online, and I am reveling in being able to "lecture" whilst flopped back in my recliner.

  5. Bravo to Leslie K for keeping the spam down!

    And as for Anthony, yes, I'm with you 100%. I love when snow traps me here, as long as hubby makes it home, too. The world is just nothing but what I can see through my windows.

    Warm inside. Hot cocoa (mini marshmallows), and school is just a five letter word I don't speak.

  6. Not my business to tell Leslie what she should be doing, but if she were to ban from the forum the thread hijacker above she'd have my full support.

  7. Television? That's that thingy the students appear to get all their information about my field from. "I saw a documentary on basketweaving. Can I cite it as a source?" "There was this show about how basketweaving actually comes from aliens, but the government is keeping it secret and the academic basketweaving establishment won't let the evidence be taught or published."

  8. Sorry. I'm sitting in my office watching the sky darken to night as I work on my dossier. Maybe I'll get to relax and watch TV next year...

  9. Absolutely. A fresh foot of snow at pleasant familial home out in deepest Bumfeck Idaho, the vacation auto response isn't even encountering anything to bounce. Maker's Mark and Venture Brothers marathon after a couch nap. Syllabi can wait.

  10. @ Darla, Lemurpants and you other happy toads!
    This is supposed to be miserable. We come to this blog to at least pretend we hate our jobs. If you don't have anything to complain about, make something up. Compose some shtink about how some grade-grubbing 'tard or some blouse-unbuttening freshman tramp is trying to earn some extra credit and get you busted in the process. Bitch and whine about some stupid committee work you don't want to prepare for. Wax indignant about only getting three weeks off of teaching. But don't tell us that "syllabi can wait" or that you actually have time for the weather or TV or whatever.


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