Friday, December 24, 2010

Feel Familiar?

The target here is corporate America, but the scenario looks pretty familiar to this denizen of the increasingly-corporatized university, right down to the "revisit[ing]" of "pricing." The kicker? When I visited the originating page, it was running an advertisement from the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) decrying proposed reforms of the for-profit educational sector in the right-hand column (I do believe that there is still a firewall between editorial and advertising content, but it's worth noting that the Washington Post Company owns Kaplan, a far more profitable part of its holdings than the actual, money-losing newspaper).

Happy holiday(s) to all, whatever and however you choose to celebrate (or not); my sympathies to those whose online teaching assembly lines chug on relentlessly, regardless of holidays; and best wishes for many interviews, convention or skyped, to those on the job market. I'm going to concentrate on the less-miserable areas of my life for the next week or so; see you in 2011.



  1. I heard the other day something about "doing more with less." I get sick and tired of this tired bullshit phrase. Sometimes, the only thing you can do with less is...*big shocker*...less. Unless we all want to be like Boxer in Orwell's "Animal Farm" (and we all know how it ended for him, right?), we should stop this bullshit phrase/idea from spreading! Rise up!

    Mathsquatch *Steps down from his soapbox* out.

  2. I have made 6 dozen cookies and gone to a party today. I plan to do much the same tomorrow, and wrap some presents. Merry Christmas, CC!


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