Monday, December 27, 2010

Greetings, CM Folk!

It's been suggested that I post to introduce myself--so here goes:

I was a periodic reader of RYS, and came by CM via the Chronicle article by William Pfefferle about RYS. I've been reading the CM blog, and occasionally commenting (under a different alias).

I've been teaching snowflakes for 15 years, nine of them as an adjunct at various institutions. I am now TT with a 4/4 load of mostly composition courses. Most of my students are first-generation, and most of them are willing to work, but I've also had some who are just begging for a boot to the head. I have a few stories from this semester that I'll be sharing as soon as I've gotten the TT stuff done.

In the meantime, I wish you all a lovely New Year. You've made things more enjoyable for me as I've slogged through this never-ending semester, and I hope to be able to return the favor.


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