Monday, December 27, 2010

Money, Money, Money...

Salaries are on my mind a lot this week as I prepare for 5 MLA interviews. I'm scouring the famous AAUP list for salaries, but I also trust the anecdotal numbers RYS gathered last year. (Salaries also came up today in an earlier comment.)


  1. I wish you the best of luck, dear Darla. I did add to my earlier comment re: salaries. I make $43,000 for a 4/4 load (most of it composition). The jackwagons in the state legislature are talking about further cutting our salaries (and my state isn't the only one), which will virtually guarantee that we won't be able to hire anyone decent. We have had failed searches because our system offers such low salaries (with an inverse workload, no less--I wouldn't necessarily mind the low(er) salary if I didn't have to sit on 5 goddamned committees etc. etc.

    I guess I should just STFD, STFU and be glad I have a job.

  2. I know a lot of folks at my university who make 90k and above, and their hours are a damn sight better than any HS teacher I've ever heard of.

    The way to pitch HS is not money, but career satisfaction. May pals who teach secondary are remarkably happier than my colleagues. That's worth a lot more than dough, in my opinion.

  3. Oh, I meant to ask, Chrome, are you new? How about writing a howdy post so we all can get to know you. Terry P joined recently and did something like that. It was sort of cool.

  4. Graduate Supervisor: Remind me what you are doing this term for money.

    BD: I provide social services.

    GS: I'm sorry?

    BD: I provide social interaction for select individuals.

    GS: Are you saying you...

    BD: I'm saying that I have one of those pens that detects counterfeit $100s is what I'm saying.

    GS: Oh.

  5. I make $10.71 an hour, assuming a 40 hour week. Beats McDonalds, but not by a whole hell of a lot...

  6. I teach about 15 classes per year (about 300 students total) for under $30K, no benefits. No service required and no research expectation, but no vacation either. Ever.

    Anyone who recalls an earlier comment of mine about me getting $120 per student will see that the numbers don't match. That's because I teach for more than one school and conditions vary. Some pay a per student rate, some a per class rate, at various rates. I also remarked a few weeks ago that I make less than a fourth of what a fellow CMer making $93K makes. That was my pay a few years ago. Last year was better, so I'm up to a third of his pay. Yippee.


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