Friday, February 18, 2011


With an invite requested and sent this morning, we are back to 100 CM correspondents.

As always, we welcome you to the group, and urge you to be an active and lively participant in the painful madness and misery of the place. If you can help us ruin the academy for everyone else, that would be a bonus.

Share with us how your students, colleagues, and administrators have taken a perfectly good gig of reading, reclining, doing finite math, and burning shit up in a lab, and turned it into a never-ending slog of punishment and awfulness.

Leslie K.


  1. So that's what? Five people pretending to be 95 other people? LOL. I hope to spread the cynicism. Thanks for all of your contributions providing humor and commiseration.

  2. No, dammit, they're all me! Me me me me me I write all this me! And I love my job at Miami University of Ohio!

  3. LOL--Frog & Toad: narcissistic and delusional much? I love it!


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