Friday, February 18, 2011

Confusing conversations

DisorganisedColleague: Are you teaching at 1pm in week 6 in room A?
Me: I'm pretty sure not, I'm scheduled for room B, let's check the timetable
DC: I did that. It says you taught that class in room A in week 2....
Me: Yes, I did.
DC: I thought you might have swapped week 2 with week 6 and be teaching there in week 6
Me: Why?
DC: Oh, well, you know, 2 and 6 are quite close...


A group of students were following me down the stairs, and I overheard this exchange:

Girl:...and it's not fair, she made me talk! I don't do talking in front of people. I have the right to remain silent!
Boy: Isn't that only if you're arrested?
Girl: And what's the difference between that and a seminar? I know my rights.


  1. Moral: Ding-Dongs don't just come from the Hostess bakery.

  2. Loving the comparison between attending a seminar and being arrested...

  3. Can we have badges? My job would be infinitely better if I had a badge!


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