Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Could Foghat Bring Marcia Brady and ELS Back Together Again?

I long for the days when Marcia and ELS flirted madly on CM. (Okay, it wasn't that hot and heavy, but it did inspire the all time VidShizzle.)

I'd be happy if this shout-out brought either one of them back to us...


  1. Fabulous. I had forgotten this. Wicked Walter is a big Foghat fan, too, so we're meeting the needs of lots of readers with this alltime VidShizzle.

  2. Marcia Brady's here, as the new gender-neutral, avatar-free Frog and Toad (changed before the rule about no changing your moniker). If Darla found her sexy avatar and female at times too overdetermined for comfort, I found my comments received as prissy or bitchy more often due to Marcia's rep. Now I'm a gender-neutral "jerk" according to The_Myth, which is much more comfortable, believe it or no.

    However, I would gladly flirt with ELS or join in a Foghat tribute any time. ELS, are you out there?

  3. I mean, due to the real Marcia's rep.

  4. A part of myself has just been lost, never again to be regained.

  5. J., is that lost part of you called "lunch"?

  6. It must have been Compound Cal who made the vid, as it features the "official" CM logo at the start. But God forfend if I know if that's ELS, or just a corollary.

    ELS, are you still around? ELS was one of the first people I "met" on the page, and he has seemed to have disappeared. I hope he's still reading.


  7. Apologies F&T...I think I knew that but I forgot. My students final projects are so bad I've even forgotten my own name...wait, there it is. Terry P. That's me.

  8. I did make that video, but with ELS's permission. He was a lively correspondent at RYS, and he and I have remained email pals since.

    I can't even remember how the whole crushing on Marcia Brady thing came about, but I remember ELS loved the "big fella" dancing. ELS was - at the time at least - on a modified low sodium diet, hence his name.

    What confuses me is where Terry P found the vid, because it is no longer on CM or on the old RYS YouTube server. Unless I had it stashed somewhere else that I don't remember.

  9. Calico, a reminder: once on the internet, always on the internet. Try the WayBack Machine!


    (btw, Froad, pleased to know that Marcia is you!!)


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