Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to tell when you've spent too much time on College Misery

10. You've wanted to assign the blog as mandatory reading for your students...
9. You've spent hours laughing at vidshizzles and reading old postings because that's more satisfying than grading...
8. You've tried to figure out which users are posting under multiple monikers...
7. You know more about the people on this blog than your own coworkers...
6. When something horrific/funny/disturbing/weird/moist happens in class, your first thought is: "I can't wait to post that on CM."
5. You urge random people (not even academics) to check out the blog...
4. You get raging mad at complete strangers who disrespect your 'blog buddies.'
3. You have to shut down your computer to avoid seeing if there are any new postings...
2. You've spent several hours trying to figure out how to type something brilliant and insightful for the #1 slot and now realize you'd really rather just hear what your friends on here think...


  1. When you start coveting other posters' pseudonyms

  2. Every time a colleague brings up ANYTHING, you find a way to work a CM post into the conversation. I can't count how many times I start a sentence with 'you know that blog I like to read?'

  3. Some possibilities for the number one way to tell when you've spent too much time on College Misery...

    Phrases like "ELS flirting with Marcia Brady" mean something to you.

    You've learned more about the middle east from Strelnikov's comments than the evening news.

    You start copying the shtick of another CM blogger.

    You're so used to the site that you don't even complain about the graphics.

  4. Yes. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A love story for my favorite blog. YYEYYEYSYEYSSSSSSS!!

  5. You're so used to the site that you don't even complain about the graphics.

    Christ on a cracker that made me hoot! Thanks, Ben.

  6. You want to mention the blot at New Faculty Orientation.

  7. Blog. I mean mention the blog.

    At this point in the semester, the urge to nap is really quite overwhelming.

  8. You routinely call your students "snowflakes".

  9. I'm with Reg W. on Ben's.

    And I have several times copy/pasted posts from here and our formidable predecessor and printed out multi-copies for my high school seniors. They appreciate it (moreso in the year following their graduation and off to your classrooms, when I get emails from them thanking me for giving them as much heads-up as I can cram into their experience and commiserating over the 'flakes they were compromised by in HS and are still being in college...). (Of course, there are those, too, who see the 'flakes' behavior as justifying their own: "If COLLEGE kids plagiarize, why is it such a big deal? Should it just be made legal?" G*@ F^@k me with a teaspoon.)


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