Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dr. Jekyll:  Southern Bubba was kind enough to post about a court ruling that seems to say that FERPA doesn't cover student e-mails.   However, Ohio State seems to think that e-mails regarding students can't be made public.  I am confused.  Where is Utterson when I need him?

Prof. Hyde:  At least the meaning of the "F" in FERPA is clear.


  1. What I said in SB's post still applies:

    Because this is a local court, not a federal court, the ruling doesn't create a strong precedent applicable everywhere (IANAL, etc). But it does create a precedent that will almost certainly be cited and contested for some time. I suspect that our institutions will continue their "surfeit of caution" policies until a ruling at least at the Federal level.

  2. I only share student emails with the Dean and/or the police. I guess I just don't understand what the big deal is.

  3. I would like to propose another word for the CM vocabulary:

    FERPIES - instructors are said to catch ferpies when they commit a FERPA violation.


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