Friday, June 24, 2011

From Compound Cal.

Congratulations everyone, especially to Fab who has steered this mighty ship for most of the year.

As the last moderator of RYS, I had tremendous guilt about the end of the page. When Fab (and others) expressed interest in starting a group blog that would take on the responsibility of providing space for proffie spleen-venting, I hoped that the endeavor would work, that the page would make it - at least for a while.

And of course you have thrived. I can't wait to see what year 2 brings.


  1. I said it wouldn't last.

    Last legs, baby.

    You heard it.

  2. No way, we have entirely too much to bitch about. Long live College Misery!

  3. Hey anonymous, just because your girlfriend keeps saying that to you doesn't mean it applies to the rest of us.

    But, seriously, it is good to know that we've kept you coming here for a whole year just in case today might be the last day. You are our very own Harold Camping.

  4. You are our very own Harold Camping.

    So he sass-talks people on HF ham radio as well?

  5. Can you doubt it?

    But mostly he keeps predicting the end of everything and remains cheerfully unperturbed by the continual failures of those predictions.

  6. Perhaps he is to College Misery what Emannuel Goldstein was to Ingsoc; a hate object, but in this case one that was not created or backed by the people running the site. I've noticed a tendency in some online people towards masochism; maybe he/she/it gets off on this?

  7. Anonymous is ok. He's got his schtick about CM dying, which is kind of funny especially since the old RYS moderators always joked about trying to kill the site. My only problem with it is that he will, eventuallY, be right.

    Anonymous, regarding your comment about getting a chapter in my account of CM's first year, don't worry. You are mentioned far more often than I would have liked.

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  9. @ Strellie:

    I may be essentializing, but I just can't imagine that anonymous is a she.

    Anyway, my theory was always that he started out as a poster/commenter, and when his posts were not met with the universal acclaim to which he believed they were entitled, he morphed into the troll of doomsday, occasionally surfacing under different monikers--Jim, Not Jim, Honest Prof, and so on--to scold us for being too clubby and exclusionary.

    However, being reminded that he posted the prophecy of doom on the very first day, has forced me to modify my theory. I now think he was one of those people who constantly complained that the RYS editors never posted any of his "brilliant" submissions, and the open forum of CM has given him an opportunity to exact revenge though his trolly machinations and pronouncements. All I can say is, that's a long time to hold such a big grudge for such a small slight.

    And while I always love your CCCP analogies, I'm going to go with an NBA analogy. He is CM's Latrell Sprewell, or perhaps its Stefan Marbury. He is convinced of his own greatness, sure that he is underpaid and unappreciated, despite all empirical evidence suggesting that he consistently makes his teams worse, is a horrible teammate, and underperforms when it counts. But that brings me back to his girlfriend, and I really don't want to go there...

  10. Cal, many thanks--again and again--for keeping RYS alive as long as you did. Without your work there, we wouldn't have this community here.

    And Fab...what can I say about Fab other than that he's completely aptly named?

  11. "And while I always love your CCCP analogies...."

    Sorry, that was Eric Blair's "1984" - though Goldstein is Trotsky (Bronstein) and big brother is Stalin/Hitler/Satan all together.

    "I'm going to go with an NBA analogy. He is CM's Latrell Sprewell, or perhaps its Stefan Marbury."

    I could buy that, though I don't follow the NBA closely....I would call him the "Kanye West at the music awards show" of CM, though I caught his act at Coachella; Sweet Jesus in hotpants that guy gives you a SHOW.


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