Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to a brief history of Misery Part 2

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The art of Misery

The denizens of College Misery are not just your average bloggers. We, and when I say "we" I mean "you", are artistes! Fall 2010 marked a veritable Renaissance period for blogging creative academic types. Poets, singers, glitterizers and cartoonists were popping up everywhere. Who could forget the hotcake-like sales of CM starving artist berets?

We must acknowledge the most prolific poet within our midst. She has, ... wait. Let me express this in a more proper form. Ahem.

All CM poets
bow down to Great Lakes Greta.
She writes bad haiku.

Hmmm. I probably should have stuck with prose.

Another poet to emerge on the scene around the same time was Richard Tingle, Ph.D.. He always seems so serious. I don’t think I’d have passed his class in college.

The forerunner of this explosion of creativity was College Misery: The Musical. Dr. Snarky’s efforts to bring us to Broadway almost worked out. If the roadies showed up on time and Strelnikov hadn’t borrowed the van to disappear somebody, we all would have made that audition!

Old-timers from RYS remember the vidshizzles of yore, but Cal and Fab actually made one that people liked. It still holds up well, I think.

Other student vlog compilations and lipdubs for seemingly every fricking school with a Department of Viral Videography followed this. For a while, we even made our own cartoons, or at least copied the link from YouTube which is almost as creative.

Last but certainly not least, a tip of the hat to Samantha, author of the best damn faculty-themed cartoons currently not syndicated. How does she do it? She helpfully explains here. There’s more of our very own Samantha Folkchurch’s Cartoon Guide to the Academy.

As somebody who has trouble rounding out a coherent top ten list, I am amazed by your willingness to step into the ring and present your creative work. You all have my admiration. Bravo!


  1. Very brief. Very historical. Gold star for you, BB. Keep up the good work.

  2. These are great, Ben! And in case nobody says it enough, thank God for Fab.

  3. For a science guy, that's pretty sweet haiku, Ben. Thanks for the nod, which is also pretty sweet--and humbling, since I always operate under the assumption that no one reads anything I write, anywhere. I mean, my students certainly don't.

    Ditto what Darla said. Great posts and lots of fun.


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