Monday, June 27, 2011

This is an article I found about college professors. It also has some stuff about college students. It says we need to remember that NEW THINGS ARE...


It sounds like good advice to me, because I'm a professor, and I have students, and they're scared. And I forget that. I just think, "FUCKING MEATBAGS," when I see them, and forget that they're human.

This article that I'm directing you, too, though, takes a different approach. This lady who wrote it seems nice. She's a professor, too, like you or me. Although since she's at a community college, many of you will think she's probably just a half step above being a beauty salon worker, since at the community college I taught at when I first started teaching, we churned out as many beauticians and air conditioning people as we did transfer students.

But your horrible prejudices aside, I think this article below is something that MANY of you would enjoy, because the lady, I think it's a lady, because the lady is saying nice things about helping students, and shitfire we all could use some of that.

I've not posted the WHOLE article, because that would be absolutely fucking crazy. I mean it must be at least 500 words long. I'm sure Fab pays Blogger by the bits and byte, so I would never presume to waste his money or your time by giving you more FLAVA than is necessary for you to decide if you want to read the article or not.

So, without any further ado, prompting, etc., here's a little taste of this article I was talking about. Should you want to know more about what this lady, I think it's a lady, has to say, you can click the FULL ARTICLE hyperlink and Fab (wherever he is) will connect a big fiber optic pipe to the necessary widget box and you'll be able to peer in through your monitor and see the WHOLE thing. But I won't post the whole thing. That would be absolutely fucking crazy.

And if you don't want to click the link, well, shit, what else do you have to do? But if you don't? If instead you're up in the Beehive state with Yaro, and don't have time for this lady's nice article about how scary college can be, at least I think she's a lady, then skip on by. Angry Archie has got some crazy fucking game going down below, and further down from that Fab Sun has made up a bunch of fake complaint letters, because he's one needy SOB, and more nervous than a bald guy holding a long tailed cat at a rocking chair convention outside one of Donald Trump's casinos.

And then below that is just pages and pages of Google ads.

So, here we go. Here's the article I was talking about. Well, not ALL of it. I mean it's about 500 words long. Posting the whole thing here would be absolutely fucking crazy.


New Things Are Scary

June 27, 2011, 11:05 am
My 5-year-old son will be starting kindergarten in the fall...


  1. Somehow, this website is reminding me more and more of an episode of South Park....

    I second the comment about the duck. I am sticking to my policy of not following links cuz I gotta go make dinner.

  2. Terry proves that there is hope for us!!!!


  3. Terry P, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. In response to the article itself, am always astonished at parents who have no conception of what their kid should be doing/learning at any given developmental stage. Jesus Christ, you're responsible for this human life, you think you want to read a book or an article on what's going on in their brain? No wonder she thinks its a brilliant and reasonable notion to walk her students through how to use the school webpage, she has no initiative herself.

    Also, I was wrong earlier when I said no commentary was needed with links. Clearly, as this post proves, commentary of this caliber is ALWAYS needed.

  5. I dunno. A mallard is a very ordinary sort of duck, and this one isn't doing anything very interesting. I think Terry could have found a more amusing picture of a duck.

    And the Inquirer has seen better days.

    I could do better, but I'm too busy doing important things like reading and commenting on CM. Maybe I'll send an email to Fab with some tips to pass on to Terry.

    (I also suspect that, when an undergrad, Terry was a master of hitting the word/page limit for papers exactly on the nose. Either that, or he's been reading too many student papers, and has picked up a few padding techniques that way).

    (Also, last week's cobweb-building spider was a far more eloquent way to comment on the slowness of the page than any email to Fab. I, too, love Terry).

  6. Terry,

    I hate ducks.

    Also, I demand that you take your post down, because my post below only has three comments--an anomaly that can only be explained by the fact that your long-ass boring post is covering my far pithier and more sophisticated one up and none of MY readers can see it and comment on it.

    Did I mention that I hate ducks, and I don't understand what they have to do with Kollig or with Mizry.

  7. Terry P, you crazy mahfuggah. POW, indeed. Nicely done.

  8. Looks more like a rabbit to me.

  9. As to the subject of the link itself, do colleges not have Orientation any more?

  10. Terry P has passive-aggressiveness down to an art. And it's a lovely art, too. :D

  11. Man, I'm worn out from clicking all those links. And that was one hella long article Terry. I need a drink.

  12. I like swans. Where's the picture of a swan?


  13. "As to the subject of the link itself, do colleges not have Orientation any more?"
    - Gary

    Yes they do, but the cool kids skip it to smoke more herb and drink cheap booze.

    And you get them in your class.

    Every year.

  14. Holy crap that was a long post. Keep it to a couple of paragraphs. Who are you trying to impress around here?

  15. The Chronicle prints better duck pictures. And that's a drake. Where are the female ducks?

  16. @ Annie Oakley: The Chronicle prints better duck pictures. And that's a drake. Where are the female ducks?

    Comment of the week.

  17. I vote that for every linked article, the commentary be longer... and pointless. Please? Can we vote on that?

  18. Sure, it seems like a nice duck, but we should form a committee to discuss it.

    And, anyway, it's questionable whether or not we'll be able to fit that entire duck into the 2011-2012 budget.

  19. Yeah, damn, that was funny.


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