Monday, June 27, 2011

A New Angry Archie Game: The Real Mail Mablib

For the doldrums of summer, inspired by the whining about links, a fun mablib game for the CM wits out there.

And by the way, if you think this post is directed at you; mocks you; minimizes you; makes sport of you; insults you; marginalizes you; and/or is intentionally mean-spirited in a highly personalized and individualized way...

you are almost certainly right. Why don't you write Fab an email of complaint.

Dear _(Noun)_,

I don't like the way you _(Verb)_ your favorites and _(verb)_ their posts and comments, while _(Gerund)_ mine. I have a lot of _(adjective)_(noun)_ _(infinitive)_ to his page, and I don't _(verb)_ the way my _(adjective)_ contributions get _(verb)_.

Also, I _verb)_ really, really _(verb)_ the _(plural noun)_ that some people post. Could you _(verb)_ those people _(infinitive)_ so that I can _(verb)_ my _(noun)_.

I was so _(adverb)_ that I showed my _(noun)_ to my friends, and they _(verb)_ that you were _(adverb)_ _(verb)_ me by _(verb)_ my _(noun)_ like that. If you continue _(infinitive)_ then I will _(verb)_ _(gerund)_ the page. Then you will be _(adverb)_ _(verb)_.

_(verb)_ you.

OK kids, go to it...


  1. AA, could you also post a link to another article here? That might make it complete for me. :o)

  2. Okay, I had my 14 year old son give me the words. I am sure he might have suggested a few other things if it were not his mother asking him to do it....

    Dear Hotdog,

    I don't like the way you sizzle your favorites and gulp their posts and comments, while squeezing mine. I have a lot of slimy dog to fart to this page, and I don't lick the way my salty contributions get danced.

    Also, I call really, really text the apples_ that some people post. Could you phone those people to slap so that I can eat my hamburger.

    I was so shockingly that I showed my football to my friends, and they passed that you were happily hitting me by tackling my coach like that. If you continue to cheat then I will kick slapping the page. Then you will be slowly fried.

    bite you.

  3. @Cynic: hmmm, maybe some of the coverage about the recent death of the creator of mad libs would do the trick?

  4. Best. Post. Ever. Is there a "Post of Forever"?

  5. As a variant of this game (partly inspired by Greta's post), try to fill in as many blanks as possible with F-bombs, while remaining syntactically correct.

    Tangential factoid: I'm told the world record for F-bomb-to-English usage in a grammatically correct sentence is over 50:50, as in: "F--k, this f--king f--cker won't f--king work" (overheard on an oil rig in western North America, ca 1982).

  6. R&G: Hey Fucker, you fucking fuck, you don't have to fucking go to a fucking oil derrick to hear some fucking fucks like those fucking fucks. You fucking well could have fucking gotten a fucking earful of that fucking kind of fucks in my very fucking own fucking home wood-fucking-shop just fucking yesterday, by fuck.

  7. How about an homage to Greta:

    Dear Tea Partyier
    I don't like the way you tea party your favorites and tea party their posts and comments, while tea partying mine...

    @Contingent: that's kinda ironic (in the Alanis Morrisette definition of Ironic).


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