Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to a brief history of Misery Part 4

The best of Misery

Fab sent me a list of the most popular CM posts. They all had more than 40 comments or 1000+ page views.

A few of my favorites didn’t make the list. I still remember these:

1. Square State Suzy puts my career ambitions in check. The Ballad of the Beer Part I and Part II was pretty anti-motivational too.

2. Gotta give props to fellow p-chemist Wombat for a funny post with a really amusing comment thread. Hopefully it helped them get rid of the cat barf stain in the compound.

I had a hard time figuring out how to showcase everybody's favorite posts. I could have done a list (who me?) but, ugh. Too much work. After reading the list again, I noted that none of them were written by the Beaker. You all can go fuck yourselves.

Then I realized that I could build the world’s greatest CM post, simply by combining pieces of everybody else’s. Behold, the ultimate College Misery post is:

A Thirsty seeking comments about Fab’s decision to switch moderators after deleting offensive comments by a troll about a post describing the unfairness of being an attractive, disabled, childless, gay, black, pregnant candidate on a campus interview at a Christian fundamentalist school. The candidate had met with a search committee of science and humanities faculty chaired by Strelnikov who used Blackboard to store all the recommendation letters.

If my post is based on the best of College Misery, then it simply can’t lose, I tell ya.

Happy anniversary to Fab, Leslie and everybody!


  1. Thanks, Ben, the series has really been cool.


  2. Fab, it's always a pleasure. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great history (with lots of preparation behind it, clearly). Now is someone going to write that post?


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