Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The new misery competition: "That's 'Professor' Uptight to You"

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  1. Nothing riles a professor more than asking about material covered in a skipped lecture. But Joey O’Kane, a vice-president of the University of New Brunswick Student Union, thinks it’s no big deal. He also thinks it’s reasonable to expect email responses from profs within 24 hours, preferably 12. “Professors have a pretty good gig,” he says. “You put in some office hours, you teach for a few hours and then you end up with a decent paycheque, so taking 10 minutes out of your day to respond to a few emails . . . I don’t think that’s asking too much.”

    Jesus fucking Christ. Everyone better take cover; the stupid reaches all the way to the Maritimes now. There's no hope.

  2. They don't want us to just take 10 minutes out of our day to respond to a few emails. They want us to do this multiple times a day. Just last week, a student emailed me at 7 pm the night before an exam, asking about some details, and closing with, "I'd appreciate an answer as soon as possible." Sorry, Johnny, I checked my email at 2:30 that day. And I checked it again at 2:30 the next day, after the exams. RTFS.

  3. Joey O'Kane must be a pseudonym for the student who emailed today. "Hey, missed class yesterday, can you fill me in on what I missed? Really appreciate it." Let me take "10 minutes" to fill in the one student out of 100 about the multi hour class he missed. After all I have a pretty good gig!

  4. "“You put in some office hours, you teach for a few hours and then you end up with a decent paycheque..."

    My blood pressure went up 40 points from that part of that quote. If I worked there, I'd e-mail him constantly, and I'd use a static signature line that goes "Admin is a pretty good gig. You sell out, you wear a jacket, you park immediately next to the building, and you pass out tissues to students all day. Then you wind up with a paycheck that makes a professor's look like a tip. The least you can do is take 10 minutes of your day to address faculty concerns."

    Fuck you, Joey O'Kane.

  5. PS I love that the picture needs no explanation.

  6. It's not new. I've been a member "over there" for over 2 years--longer than I've had posting rights on CM. But over there, I'm the "real" me.

    TPUTYJ is a closed group. If you want in, message me at through my blogspot i.d. (profbchrome@gmail) with your "real" i.d. and I will add you to the group.

    I will not "out" you here, unless you "out" me first, so there's a M.A.D. principle at work to keep what's private, private.

    PS. The group is up over 303 members as of today.

  7. There was a much bigger group over there until a year ago, when the prof running it suddenly pulled the plug and deleted the whole thing. I never got round to joining the new one. It was pretty funny for awhile though.

    The entitled little squit commenting on professor's 'good gigs' wasn't an administrator though - he's a STUDENT VP. He will graduate in a year or two and discover that being a Big Man On Campus is worth precisely zip when it comes to getting a day job.

  8. Oh yeah - read - I tell my students to do that. I should try it.

    This is what the little pissant looks like:

  9. Yeah, but on my campus, the students, the staff, and the admins feel that way! Let me get back to playing Angry Birds and watching YouTube vids and ignoring research, class preps, committee work, etc.


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