Friday, October 28, 2011

Countdown to New Moderator.

Ten, nine, eight, seven...


  1. There's only one response I can think of to that!

    (And, I don't know why I think it's so clever.)


    Thank you; I'll be here all week.

  2. LOVE when the heckler gets smacked down. :)

  3. To be fair, mine isn't an especially good smackdown.

    Anyone who chooses to be called Dick Tingle PhD has a good sense of humor already, and Prof. Tingle is one of MANY CM community members who I correspond with via email fairly often.

    He did complain once that he couldn't make his avatar big enough to fill the whole screen, but otherwise he's a peach.

  4. I admit being totally mystified by the previous post by Gordo.

    "Offensive comments"? This is the INTERNET. While I'm happy to keep the viagra ads down to a minimum on this site, I don't understand why people want heavy moderation.

    Sure, there are lots of dicks out there. But surely we don't attract the level of crazy that some other forums have.

    I say, let fuckwits post. And then we will mock them to death. This model works reasonably well on some of the oldest and most vibrant forums on the 'tubes.

    That said, I know the job of moderation is heroic work. My basic point is that no one should ever complain that the moderators are doing too little - the only worry is that they might do too much.

  5. I rarely read the comments except when "meta" posts like this come up. Then there is this irresistible urge to look back over the last few to see where the flaming started.

  6. I vote for Beaker Ben

  7. There appear to be two communities here, those of us who post in the comments, and a behind the scene community that talks by email. I would recommend to the moderator that he/she simply stop reading those emails unrelated to material to be posted at the website. If people have complaints, post them here.

  8. Tingle is making a joke about a new moderator; I hope folks get that.

    When I was the moderator, I formed a number of email friendships with people on the page. I'd estimate that I heard regularly (once a week) from about 20 different people, some very active on the page in posting and comments, and some who never posted or commented at all.

    When I asked Cal about his time at RYS, he said the same thing happened. Cal even met a number of RYS characters over the years, though nobody has ever met Walt! (Ghosts sit around fires and tell Wicked Walter stories.)

    I'd suspect Gordo is getting some of that same email. This is not what some readers call "back channel" communication. It's just other channel communication. Like it or not, the moderator sort of becomes a character and some community members like to reach out. I can't tell you how many notes I received from community members that started, "I don't want this on the page; I just want to say..." I always enjoyed it. It was a perk.

    Now, the other kind of email is of the complaining variety. Some of it is ridiculous. "I know this person is talking about me!" "You need to ban so-n-so from the site!" And of course, as Cal often noted at RYS "These graphics are too fuzzy!"

    But seriously, I hated the complaints. Leslie K in fact gave up her moderatorship in part because she felt she was doing the page a favor by keeping it going, and the complaints that came to her were often tinged with misogyny. (Would it surprise you if Gordo was a woman with a male moniker for just that reason? Oh, I just stirred things up...haha. Sorry Gordo, you gorgeous creature.)

    Anyway, I've always been interested in the "meta" of it all, too, and thought I'd weigh in.

    I miss the communication with community members. I felt that I got to know a lot of you really well - in our way.


  9. You are all fools because Calico, Fab, Leslie, Gordo, Archie, Walter, Ben, Stella, Myra Logan, Darla are all the same person writing under separate identities.

    I don't have IP evidence yet, but Tuba seems tobe the newest name the person uses, and I know all of this because I teach with this person at a college in Arizona. (That's why there are 'compound' jokes because lots of meth labs and bible-thumpers live in the region on military styled compounds.

    Wake up and realize you've all been duped.

    I used to think Froderick was the same person, but now I know that he's actually someone else.

  10. @Real: You've met Yaro? Is he as wonderful in real life?

  11. @Real Gordon Presto: Man, you nailed it this time!

    Yes, Froderick is actually someone else. Froderick is EMH, Frog and Toad, Burnt Chrome, Strelnikov, Annie Oakley, and myself.

  12. So I launched Bubbles the Chimp into space?

    I don't remember launching Bubbles into space...

  13. I haven't been around long enough to know what the fuck is going on, but I like the vibe of this place. Do all these multiple personality people make daily appearances?

    Cool. I wish I had a cooler name now.

  14. I thought I got to be Frog and Toad this week. And that Strelly launched Laika.

    Flagrant, maybe you could put a Latin spin on it and be in flagrante delicto.

  15. Entry for the glossary:
    TRUMPWIT (noun).
    1. Commenter with Birther-like take on reality.
    2. Commenter who sees the blog for what it really is.
    3. Commenter with multiple aliases, but broken-record repertoire.

  16. Bubbles hasn't been the same since that experiment on the toxicity of Grape Nehi versus Fanta Grape...

  17. All I know is that Anastasia is always purely and quintessentially Anastasia.

  18. Anastasia
    Fanta Grape
    Great escape


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