Sunday, October 23, 2011

Miserable Adjunct Send This In...

by Zack Weiner


  1. That's true. What's the greatest compliment, other than, "Here's a grant so big that you don't have to teach?"

    For experimental science, I'd say, "That's clever," and for theory, "elegant."

  2. Gender/Sexuality Studies: That's earnest.

  3. Art History: uninspired.
    Classics: pedestrian.

  4. From the mouths of too many of my colleagues: "That's so interesting. Thank you for sharing."

  5. "....Thank you for sharing."

    Anytime anybody says that, tell them that phrase was concoted by Werner Erhard when he was running "est" (1971-83), a cult that used Scientology techniques and other things Erhard picked up (Gestalt therapy, Zen Buddhism, Dale Carnegie, etc.) Thanks to semi-decent media (and pressure from Scientology, still angry over his use of their ideas) Werner Erhard "retired" in 1991, but the training survives under the name "Landmark Forum."

  6. The comic is making fun of physicists. When most people (who are not physicists) say, "That makes sense," they are glad. When physicists say that, they mean, "Been there, done that, is there anything new we can learn from this?"

    Whenever I say, "thanks for sharing," I mean it ironically, usually to TMI regarding something really disgusting (such as the student who offered to show me why he didn't do his homework by undoing his bandages to show where the shark bit him when he was surfing: mercifully, I cried "Uncle!" in time). Anyone who says, "thanks for sharing" and really means it will soon be using the word, "facilitate." Beware this breed!

  7. In medicine: Duly noted.


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