Sunday, October 23, 2011

strawberry sundae thirsty

Anybody ever removed a student from a class for a good reason? ... but not the student's fault, and not your own fault... just some peculiar awkward reason you couldn't easily discuss... and it was in everybody's best interest for you to remove the student from the roll/roster.......? (Could I be any more vague?)

Q. How did you handle it?

A. ________
(Please share....)


  1. I don't think I have enough information to understand the question, Bubba.

    At LD3C, we can't dis-enroll students. We can remove them from the classroom (or have them removed) for disruptive behavior, which I've done. I've also asked students to leave because they're under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

  2. Like you once slept with that student?

    I can't de-enroll my students. The one time in my life that I had a student enrolled in my class with whom I'd had a brief dating experience (we had both been students at the time), I said that that student had to take it pass/fail and I had to clear it with the undergrad instructional officer. The student took it pass/fail, I was cleared for takeoff, the end.

    For those who would judge: it was a long time ago, when there were about 8 out lesbians on campus.

  3. We can't drop students either, but, given the circumstances, I'd think that a private talk (in a public place) with the student suggesting a drop might be in order. If tuition penalties are in play, then a quiet conversation with a Chair or Dean might be in order (I'm assuming this student wasn't your student at the time of the encounter, which would mean that there should be no penalty for describing the situation).

    And here I was thinking of a situation at the other end of the pipeline: that you'd discovered a hitherto unknown lovechild on your roster. Maybe I was age stereotyping.

  4. @CC: It could be both situations, a la Max Frisch's "Homo Faber."

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  6. I guess that the reason never occurred to me, Bubba. No, I've never had anyone in class that I've slept with. For the record, any such encounter would be with someone I'd met and slept with outside of academia--because I find my students so unappealing that I, personally, couldn't contemplate sex with any of them.

    Poor you.

  7. I once had a former co-worker enroll in my class. He was a great co-worker. It was an unpleasant semester. If he had gotten an A+ in the class, it might have appeared that I inflated his grade. If he'd earned a D or F, it would have hurt our previously great relationship. It ended up being the latter. Just awkward.

    And a similar situation this semester has made me wonder if there's a great way to handle those situations.

    No, it wasn't sex. But it was like the sex scenario in that it involved a student with whom I'd had a previous relationship.

  8. As a rule, 7 of 9 is not allowed to take my classes, being that there was that one time I uploaded my consciousness into her body. That sort of counts as sex,... right?


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