Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Way to Say F*** You

Just to lighten the mood a bit in anticipation of the holiday (for those who get to take a holiday), here's a picture of the very large geodesic dome that UC Davis students have now built:

(image courtesy of Angus Johnston's Student Activism blog )

The floating tents at Berkeley yesterday were pretty cool, too.  If they were my students, I'd probably be worrying that they aren't in class, aren't doing their homework, and thus aren't getting the benefit of the educations  for which they complain they're paying too much, but, from a distance,  I admire their determination and creativity. 


  1. Among college students, the egregious cost of their post-secondary educations is only ONE of the issues of concern--just like the REST of the 99%ers and Occupiers in other locales.

  2. @Mrs. C: agreed. I realize the issues are much larger, I sympathize with them, and I really do admire what the protesters are doing. I do, however, worry a bit that a movement that seems to have begun with un- or underemployed college graduates may distract or dissuade current undergraduates from finishing their degrees, leaving them in a worse position to compete than the movement organizers once the economy does improve. I also hope that the protests may lead to a more equitable college financing system, which I suppose would help anyone who did drop out (or even flunk out) now.

    And I certainly think working with others to name and protest problems (and, yes, build geodesic domes and float tents in the air) beats many of the other ways college students spend their time outside of class. At least for those who are at the heart of the planning and execution, participating in the protests is undoubtedly a valuable learning experience.


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