Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fight Club Soap - Logo Bar

$19.99 $14.99

Plenty of soaps are made with natural ingredients. Usually what that means is that they're made of ground-up flowers and tropical fruits.

You are not special.
You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake.
You are the same decaying organic matter
as everything else.
If you’re going to shower, be a man about it. Introducing the only soap made with electrolytes, caffeine, and punching. Don’t waste your time with anything less. 

You're welcome.
  • First-time ever officially licensed
  • Modeled from original fight club props and artwork
  • Caffeinated. Because. 
  • Packaging now comes with a shrinkwrap, to protect the PVC box from scuffs during shipping. 
  • Holiday Shipping: Orders placed after midnight on December 20 are not guaranteed for Christmas delivery. 

- sent in by Nancy from Niles


  1. I don't understand this post, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anybody who doesn't love it can kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm drunk.



  2. Also love the FabLeslieGordoWilhemeister.
    and burbun
    merry xmas to CM!!!!!

  3. The RGM doesn't celebrate Christmas.

    Christmas celebrates me.

  4. Tyler Durden: If you could fight anyone, who would you fight?
    Narrator: Shatner. I'd fight William Shatner.

  5. Love the "you're not special" message. Thanks! Now to use it to wash out their mouths every chance I get! Then again, do I REALLY want to get that close to them???

  6. You will never be as cool as Bruce Lee. But hey, I can live with that.


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