Thursday, January 26, 2012

Adam Checks In.

After having taken so much time on the page with my little search, I feel bad to monopolize more space, so just a quick update.

Of my seven MLA interviews, I've heard from 5 so far: No from the dream job SLAC in the NE (not surprised after my lousy performance, No from "close by state school," even though I was SURE I'd get an invite.

And then I had campus visit requests from "good SLAC in PNW," "mid range SLAC in NE," and "large state school." In fact, I am writing to you today from the last school on that list; as I noted earlier, it was a relaxed and casual job interview that showed me how fun the people were.

I flew in last night, got met at the airport by 2 members. We had some beers at a nice upscale bar near campus, and they told me that I'd had the best interview at the MLA by far, and that they were going to "knock my socks off" at the full day visit today.

This was not my dream school or location. I had foolishly sort of ignored learning much about the town. And it turns out to be this postcard-perfect spot with friendly folks, a town square, a dusting of snow, and a bar that serves the best queso I've ever had in my life.


  1. You know, all may not be lost. I went into my very best campus visit (and an offer, yay) without having done any prep at all. I asked people questions about their research, was genuinely interested because I hadn't spent a bunch of time cramming like I was studying for a final exam, and had a lovely time. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. from Adam

    Dear My Little Proffie: Oh, no, all is not lost at all. I had been underprepared for my conference interview. I was ready for today. I'm back in my room after a 12 hour marathon that was actually fun! The people are great. The students I taught were interesting. It's cold outside, but clear, and I'm half in love with the place already.

  3. If "large state U" is Indiana U, I envy you. I went out there for a talk and fell in love with the people and place too.

  4. Yay! Isn't it great when campus visits go well?

  5. "...they told me that I'd had the best interview at the MLA by far..."

    I have often wondered about statements like that. Do they say that to all the invites? Or is it true? At a key moment in my career, a got told several times that I "was among the top two or three" and I didn't know whether all the rejects got those words of comfort or whether I really did almost make the cut.


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