Thursday, January 26, 2012

VidShizzle Link: Benedictine U's Athletic Recruiting Video.

When this video appeared online yesterday, it went "viral," in the modern parlance.

The Catholic university pulled it because it had not been vetted, but it had received tens of thousands of hits in a very short period of time after being featured on numerous sports blogs, including the brilliant Deadspin.

Apparently the university is not going to post it, but someone was able to retrieve the original.

Can't find the embed code, but you can click here to see it.


  1. That was pretty funny in a corny kind of way, although the mushroom cloud-like explosion in Japan was in poor taste.

    1. I'm not even sure we can say that it's poor taste. Most of my students have no sense of history at all. They can't tell me when the Vietnam war happened, much less what happened in 1945. They're all high school graduates, but I am convinced that if I gave them a short quiz on the major events of the past 100 years, most of them would flunk it.

    2. The ball digs straight down, so this is their crappy version of that old saying "you can dig straight down to China."

  2. Awful. And I both mean that in the modern and original ("full of awe") senses of the word.

    BTW I remember hearing that music in an animated short - in 1990. So it's not just in poor taste, it's out of date as well.

  3. If that was produced by media studies students, ain't technology grand? If that was produced by professionals, they should be shot.


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