Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fab & Me.

What I wouldn't give,
what I'd pay to see,
if Fab were everyone else here,
and I was only me.

Fab blurs all the photos,
Fab writes all the text,
and I and I alone
the results I do inspect.

Oh, what a "wow!"
Oh, what a "whee!"
If Fab were everyone else here,
if it were only Fab and me.


  1. This is the only website in the entire world that I would pay to read.

  2. This poem perfectly encapsulates my love for this blog, trolls and all. LOVE!!

  3. Tingle, you must make the avatar BIGGER!

    Sterling work.

  4. Peaceful words from one of the Bards of the Blog. De-lurking to thank you (two, as there are only two of you on this site :-) for a place that makes my day better, each and every day.

  5. Tingle channeling A. A. Milne! I love it.

    1. At least I think that's A.A. Milne. In any case, I love it.


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