Saturday, March 31, 2012

Snowflake Email: Saturday Chrome Edition

Why do I check my email on Saturday? I could be watching Hello, Dolly! with my kids. Instead, I'm on the LMS doing a bit of "light" grading, and like a dummy, I hopped over to check my mail.

From Susie: I was wondering if I could send the [LMS] discussion post to you. I actually wrote it on Tuesday after the initial view of the video, but wanted to wait until I saw the rest of [the documentary]. on Thursday before I sent it to  [LMS] . I accidently forgot to upload it on Friday. The Document I wrote it in says the modified date that I saved it, that way I have proof to back my statement up! I know it's really late and may not be counted for points, but I'm going to attatch the file anyways. Just so you know I'm not blowing it off. SORRY! :)
Thanks, Susie

From Sally: hello, I couldn't make it to class yesterday because i got really sick and had to go get look at all night and all this morning and I just got home and I couldn't make the deadline for the [LMS] post is there any way I can make that up? I didn't do it earlier in the week because I planned on finishing it yesterday and in class so I had more to write about.
Just let me know
thanks, Sally

It's 11:30 am in my neck of the woods, and I'm wondering if that's not too early to start drinking.


  1. It's not too early, but there's no reason except for a sip of fine beer/ale. Late is late.

  2. "it in says the modified date that I saved it, that way I have proof to back my statement up!"

    Yes because there's absolutely no way to change the modified date on a file. No way at all. Not even if you spend 5 seconds on google will you find a way. Ohhhh and an exclamation mark too. That REALLY shows she isn't full of shit!!!

  3. Never too early to drink if you're grading.


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