Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm Baffled Why We Didn't Celebrate the Miseversary.

Didn't this lousy fucking site start 2 years ago Sunday? Why did we not celebrate? Is it because we're mired in summer's languid hold? Or are we just lazy?


  1. I remembered. Ben did a nice review last year of our first year, but with the summer being so slow this year, I just didn't think it was necessary to do something similar.

    Being away from the moderation of the page has been odd, but relaxing. I still check in, but as a reader now, and not as the chief, I find it fairly easy to get distracted by so much off the computer.

    I still check in early mornings though, a couple of times a week, and have enjoyed the postings.

  2. What, Hiram, did Joetta already get tired of you? Bummer!

  3. Cal and I were remiss in not doing something for the page that day. Sorry, Hiram, and Fab, too.

    Leslie K

  4. "I'm Baffled Why We Didn't Celebrate the Miseversary."

    Shit Happens.


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