Sunday, July 29, 2012

"College professors ‘fight’ over class timings." Those Mumbai Proffies are Crazzy!

Two professors allegedly came to blows in the staff room of Ismail Yusuf College in Jogeshwari over the issue of timing of lectures. One of them had to be hospitalized with an injured arm.

While the injured professor alleged that he was beaten up by a senior colleague, eyewitnesses in the college claimed that he got hurt when he tried lift a chair to hit the latter.

On Wednesday morning, as D Khare entered his second year BCom class, he was asked to wait by W K Acharya, who was already teaching there. "I called my head of the department and there was an argument. The matter was settled and, after lectures, I went to the staff room. There, we again had an argument. The senior professor then hurled a chair at me," said Khare.

Khare was rushed to Cooper Hospital and he also filed a complaint with the Jogeshwari police after the assault.

However, professor Acharya said, "There was a minor argument. He is trying to blow it out of proportion. He, in fact, tried to lift the chair and hit me when he got a sprain."

A police officer who visited the college said: "Witnesses said Khare got injured when he tried to lift a chair. We have, however, taken his complaint."


  1. Let's be Prussian about this: they can duel at dawn with whatever weapons they find comfortable, but they have to find seconds and the first man shot, stabbed, or clubbed to the ground will be left there; there will be no killing blows.


  2. I came by today to see if the lights had gone out on your useless website, and although you are still online (shocking!), I do see that 75 of the past 100 postings have all been by the moderators, and 73 of those have just been reprinted articles, stolen from other sources because there's nobody left to write fresh material.

    And the comments? Most postings don't get any comments anymore. The moderators again have stopped even trying to put up the pretense that there's activity.

    I said many many months ago that this place would die, and it has. I take a great deal of pleasure in this, not because I'm a bad person, but because I truley believe you are doing a bad thing for the professoriate. You have made all of us out to be profane and vengeful idiots.

    I have never bought your "venting" reply. I have never thought you were anything more than petulant children who are far worse in your behavior than any bad student.

    So, I crept around amidst the filth of this site happily today, happy to see it's as poorly trafficked as it is written.

    I'd say I told you so loudly, but there are so few of you to hear me.


    1. I don't suppose you've heard about these things called seasons. You see, there are four of them: Spring, Summer (also known as Road Work in Minnesota), Autumn, and Winter. For three of these, the academic year chugs along quite splendidly, with students and classes and all sorts of suchlike misery, even if there is a break in the winter one that does dull the pain.

      Summer (Road Work) is unusual in that many professors do not have daily interaction with students and classes. It is a time to do this thing called research, which appears to be important and time consuming.

      Do you know which season it is right now? I could give you a hint, but to hand-deliver it would be out of the question, since many of the nearby roads are closed.

    2. Oh dear. Teach me more, mkay?

  3. Hey, Trutheful Trevor, it is the summer after all: an awful lot of academics are off campus, involved in research, out of town, dealing with their families, etc. etc. I don't believe in your "us". You might be an academic, but you sound more like a petulant student. One can be profane and vengeful when bitching to one's colleagues without being profane and vengeful in real life. I am, but it's not a quod erat demonstrandum. My student evaluations are usually above the department average, but that doesn't mean I can't think that an awful lot of students are lazy, self-centered lumps of feces that I would feed to my dungeon full of rabid ferrets if I had the chance. I commend the moderators for keeping this going over the naturally quiet months of summer and have no doubt that when fall comes it will spring back to vivid, verdant life like the humanoid fungi that wander my campus seeking to destroy all intelligence and individuality. If you don't like what you find here, don't read it.

    Strelnikov: I like your idea. But I picture things more like the world of the Terran Empire in Star Trek. Why bother with arranged duels when one can ambush one's colleagues in the washroom or attack them with a chair in the coffee room. Rules are for weaklings.

  4. Thanks for doing your part to keep the site alive Truthful Trevor. Every post you check out adds one to the number of site visits. And when you comment, well, that just means less work for the four of us who write the other comments. Keep up the good work supplying petulant and filthy material for the rest of us to wallow in.

  5. Just think, Trev: even if the site does close down, you'll still be the petulant, pathetic little twerp you so clearly are. I hope you enjoy yourself!

  6. Why do you care, Honest-Prof? Sweetie, I suspect that you are quite mentally ill. Get some help, would'ya?

  7. In a previous life I would have been the special referee for this bout.

    One of my primary duties at a prior job was "Room Guy." I was the final say regarding classroom scheduling even though my title was Student Services-centric.

  8. We see stuff like this on the news occasionally with regard to legislative bodies -- surprising the proffies made the news with this. And sad (but perhaps less surprising?) that scheduling snafus would ever come to this.

    A propos of nothing in the post: What's with the new banner? The University of Oregon Dept of Physics? I am racking my brain and the CM archives to try and get the missed joke, to no avail.

    1. ...What's with the new banner? The University of Oregon Dept of Physics? I am racking my brain and the CM archives to try and get the missed joke, to no avail.

      Well, honest_prof is a kind of joke, in his own special way....I guess it's connected to his alter ego, "Truthful_Trevor". (His next appearance will be as "Veracious_Vern").


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