Friday, August 17, 2012

Patty from Pueblo on Guns on Campus.

I do my best to live and let live, I really do. I put up with neighbors who disagree with my worldview, with colleagues who disagree with my scholarship, and students who disagree with my methods.

I hold no ill will for any of them. I battle charitably with a brother-in-law about recycling and politics.

But the new policy setting aside dorms at 2 Colorado campuses for students who have conceal and carry gun permits is not something I can live with.

Have we, as a society, gone right off the fucking deep end?


CU to segregate dorms for students with concealed carry permits
By Ryan Parker

The University of Colorado Boulder and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs are amending their student housing contracts, segregating students who possess a valid concealed weapons carry permit.

The university said Thursday that both campuses will establish a residential area for students over the age of 21 with a permit. In all other dormitories, guns will be banned, the new policy states.

"The main dorms on the main campus will not allow any concealed carry weapons," CU Boulder spokesman Bronson Hilliard said.

The rest.


  1. Well, hey! I thought segregation was supposed to be bad. Shouldn't we all be free and equal and making good use of our constitutional rights?

  2. My daughter goes to CU Boulder (as did I). Got a letter from the housing office saying there was nothing they could do about the regents' decision to stand by the law of the state. This new policy seems like a good compromise. Frankly as a parent, wouldn't mind if some OIF or OEF vet on campus with GI Bill packed and hot in the head any little fucker like that maniac at Virginia tech. I have a carry permit in Colorado, by the way, and I'm a big liberal, so, there is some middle ground to be found if we look hard enough. Am I pysched that a bunch of college kids have guns? No, and it always bothered me when I was in the military. The reality is these students are adults allowed ll t rights and proves of adults.

  3. All the rights. Fracking iPad. Maybe I should take it out n shoot it. Seriously, I think the U found a sound compromise for a very difficult situation.


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