Friday, August 17, 2012

St. Petersburg (Fl.) Evening Standard. January 1920.


  1. "the X-rays" - not just any old X-rays, but the X-rays. The ones that make it into Charles Xavier's school, are trained to harness their electromagnetic powers, and now roam our hospitals and dental clinics with nary a second glance at their presence. These X-rays, are they a menace or are they our saviors?

    What hath science wrought?

    1. For a good story exactly about X-rays as a savior and a menace, see "Stitches," by David Small. Now you know why I still won't support nuclear power without serious reservation. I remember what it was like to be the kid who dropped the ball that lost the game, and every time there's a major accident, I remember it again. Murphy was an optimist.

  2. Which is more anachronistic, the respect for proffies, or the notion that they are "elegant?"

  3. It's like the beginning of a fable...or maybe a fairy tale.


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