Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Singing the Rat-Ass TA Blues

Some early-career CM posters have, with good reason, complained about abusive greybeards, chairs and the like. But tenured professors can have misery too, and I will share mine. today. Here, in far-flung former colony, we follow the system of our former colonial masters, where there is little formal training and much one on one mentorship. Your PhD supervisor is basically a one-man band, with (or so you would think) total power over you. Well, my rat-ass TA chose somebody else as his PhD supervisor, somebody with the potential to be a little more famous than me, but who didnt give a rat's ass about anyone but himself.

So rat-ass TA survived by milking sympathetic fool me for advice on a topic, references, and did a minuscule amount of data collection to get on one of my publications. Well rat-ass TA is now a tenured professor in his own right and how did he thank me? He spread lies about me, IN WRITING to my Chair with copy to me (the fool). My Chair responded by saying that we, the only R-1 institution in far-flung former colony, will never hire some so unbalanced as rat-ass TA. I know he will read this post because he spends an inordinate amount of time online, to avoid writing the worthless papers that he is only able to publish in worthless online journals. So here is my message to him: 

Rat-Ass TA: That's all you will ever be. Look in the mirror. See a man that will never ever publish a worthy paper in a worthy journal without help. Help that you will never get, because I told everyone what you did (backed up by the email you sent my Chair, which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a raving, narcissistic lunatic). F you. Its too bad some poor woman allowed you to impregnate her and pass on your disgusting genes. I hope your purgatory is class of 1000 filled with the whiniest, dumbest, most spoilt losers that our fellow miserians tell us about, and that you have no TAs of your own to help you deal with them.


  1. Actually, a class of 80 undergraduate education majors would suffice, particularly if they were assigned to Rat-Ass semester after semester.

  2. Chapeau monsieur, for a magnificent piece of invective. Yet, tenured faculty have the advantage of being able to sit by the fireplace and slumber while our enemies' bones turn to ashes in front of us.

  3. But he doesn't need to publish anything good anymore, does he? But how the hell did he get enough decent publications for tenure?

  4. Doctor BPD - Its very easy to get tenure at crap university in Far-Flung-Former-Colony. And instead of "sluming" while our enemies bones turn to ashes" a la French Professeur, I worked to become just as famous as the supervisor that rat-ass chose instead of me.


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