Monday, December 17, 2012

Best. Teacher. Ever.


 sent in by CrayonEater

 original image credited to Nathan Anderson, @NathantheSnake


  1. This gives me the idea of hiring a friend on the second day of class, have them do this, ream them out and humiliate them in front of all my students, and then see if my real students have the gumption to come to class late for the rest of the semester....

  2. Is this an example of a "flipped" classroom?

  3. I remember trying to explain to a friend about not having the luxury of hiding in my office/cube on an "off" day-----we don't get to have "off" days! Well do I remember my days as an RFP writer------it was just me and my inbox back then!

    My friend, still an RFP writer, seems to think all the time off I get totally makes up for no "off" days......My "time off" is so full right about now with work obligations, I can't agree, but she'll never get it.


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