Monday, December 17, 2012

Vog3lfr3i Shares A Christmas Miracle.

Am not making this up. Only changed the name of the course. And this email came at the start of grading jail like a Christmas miracle.
- Vog3lfr3i


Dear Sir,

I can never thank you enough, this is just a try! With my heartfelt thanks, i want to express my gratitude to you for offering Hamster Nutrition this fall. Back in college time, I would usually be the last to solve a Nutrition question and i almost had a Nutrition-phobia. I like to challenge my fears and i did so by enrolling in Nutrition. Initially, it seemed intimidating, but over time i gained a profound understanding of the basic concepts and their applications. The decision of taking Nutrition from you this fall was, as i look back, the best decision ever!

The way you explain concepts and make complex things simpler is just outstanding. Your lectures were intriguing and i barely missed any! the best thing about your quizzes: Google didn't have any answer for them. You have been kind and helpful whenever i dropped by in your office (although i dropped by very few times).

I hope you will be as generous in future as you are now. I hope you will be available for any help, if needed, in future as well.

I once again thank you so much.

Yours' truly, ...


  1. Congratulations--it sounds sincere. Reward yourself with a drink (tip: port is sooo much better in eggnog than rum).

    1. It would be nicer if her/his English were better, however.....

    2. Many of my students don't come from english medium high schools.


    But seriously, congrats, it's those nice emails that seem to make it all worthwhile! :-)

  3. Congrats! What a wonderful gift. Enjoy it!

    (I just received an email that stated that I made everything so IMPLICIT!!! I'm hoping the student meant explict. )

  4. "I hope you will be as generous in future as you are now. I hope you will be available for any help, if needed, in future as well."

    Nobody else found this a bit creepy?

    1. Just student puffery.

      Creepy would have been WWII veterans in 1945 getting exit papers with small print on the bottom stating "Please stay in the best of health for the next five years, whereupon we hope to successfully have a war in Korea started."

    2. That phrase stuck out for me, too. Allowing for ESL issues, if grades aren't in yet, I'd interpret it as brown-nosing/grade-begging. If grades are in, I'd anticipate repeated requests to "proofread" papers for other classes, job/grad school applications, etc., etc (and keep the info. for the writing and/or career centers on hand, the better to refer as appropriate/necessary).

  5. It's not a Christmas miracle. If you received this at the start of your grading and before you turned in final grades, you are the unfortunate recipient of some Christmas brown-nosing.

    Only the letters and emails received AFTER grades have been turned in count.

  6. *I* was expecting the punchline to be that you don't *teach* Hamster Nutrition.

    (Are we jaded or what?)

    And I, too, thought it creepy brown-nosing.

    (Yeah, we are.)


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