Monday, February 18, 2013

CM Flashback. 2 Years Ago Today.


Am I a bad person?

Am I a bad person? I really love reading about some knucklehead who gets tenure at a wonderful SLAC and then five months later is forced to resign because he's a fucking knucklehead. Does this mean I'm a bad person? Is this what they call a "guilty pleasure"? Is it horrible of me to relish such moments?

Well then so be it! I didn't laugh about anything this morning. Not once. Not even a single little giggle or chortle. Then I read this story about the recently-tenured "best professor" who is a fucktard... and I finally laughed my ass off. I thank him. I thank you, fellow CMers.

Please don't condemn me. I get satisfaction when those who give us a bad name are brought down.

Forgive me.


  1. I personally took great pleasure in the removal of two professors at my own institution for sexual offenses with students.

    Neither of them got a webcam, though, to my knowledge. And neither was publicly humiliated--only forced to resign. I would have appreciated the public humiliation even more. But both were allowed to submit resignations citing that they were leaving to "spend more time with family" or "pursue other opportunities." Then there's the guys that did shit like that and never got called on it.


  2. Oh, dear RGM, you flatter me. This warms the cockles of my heart. [Insert something more poetic by Dick Tingle or Greta here.]

    It's amazing that some little fart head would be lucky enough to get tenure at a cushy summer-camp SLAC in Maine, and then just throw it all away by being a complete asshole.

    1. Did we ever find out what happened to that guy? I mean criminal charges should have been brought and he should have a record as a felon.

    2. What about forgiveness? How many years is Philip H. Brown supposed to endure shame before he can move on? Would 10 years be enough? What about 50 years?

  3. Schadenfreude. One of my favorite words.


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