Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CM Flashback. 338 (and a half) Days Ago Today.


  1. The duck has completed almost 93% of its journey around the Sun since that post.

    God bless the duck.

    1. According to BirdWeb, the Mallards should be migrating to their breeding grounds soon. A bummer that the male leaves the female after the eggs are laid.


      I know this may come across as anti-duck, but maybe CM should adopt the noble goose as its official bird? Geese make excellent watchbirds, are very aggressive towards intruders, and do not put up with any crap (except their own, of course). Let a goose stand guard outside your office and dare the snowflakes to try getting past it!

    2. Oh YEAH I want geese outside my office!

  2. You know, Bubba, I have a pal we call the "shit disturber." He's a terrific guy, but he can't help but stir things up.

    This post, this day, well, that was the day Fab just about closed the site down.

    I love Fab; most of us do. But he did not handle the bullshit that sometimes erupts on the page as easily as others might. He truly wants the page to be more civil, and when it was not, he took it personally. He felt responsible for creating an environment that would occasionally break down.

    Now, that's wrong. When people act poorly, that's them. But it always bugged him, and I'd guess 70% of the reason he no longer runs the page is because of days like that one.

    Now, most folks love you, too, Bubba, and there's often a subtle majesty in your madness. (And sometimes it's just fucking madness.)

    What Fab wanted was a community, one that didn't devolve into a series of attacks within. He said it many times on the page, and for me, it's his legacy.

    This post just reminds me how close we teetered to the edge that day.


  3. I scrolled back to that date. Hey, thanks Blogger! Your drop down menu allows me to specify the month of the blog I want to read. I only had to scroll through a couple hundred posts to get to the 17th.

    We were debating some pretty heavy topics back then. It was a heated but interesting discussion. I don't believe those discussions were the source of so much anxiety and consternation at CM on March 17, 2012.

    There was a post about Twitter just a few days earlier. This is the source of evil that infects all who participate in this blog. The TwitterEvil (Twittil? Evitter? Twevil? Yes, Twevil.) draws out the malevolence that lurks in all human hearts. Just think back to the many contentious comment threads at CM. The original post isn't the problem. There's always a Twitter post that occurs around that same time. We are expressing our anger towards one another because The Twevil has stoked those fires in our souls to unholy heights of passion.

    Like all major religions, there is en element of symmetry between good and evil. We celebrate the duck but fall prey to the Bird of Twevil.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nothing good ever comes from Twitter.

    1. Where does Hithcock's "The Birds" fit into this cosmology? And that bird on the end of the guitar in the Woodstock poster (which I suspect is some sort of distant cultural ancestor to the current proliferation of "cool" bird iconography, including that associated with The Twevil)? Inquiring minds want to know.


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