Monday, February 18, 2013

Philip H. Brown. Photo Enthusiast. 2011 Story By Request.

A pervert professor who allegedly set up a hidden camera to take photos of his female students in the bathroom has been forced to resign.

Philip H. Brown, an economics professor at Colby College, was chaperoning the students on a trip to China when the allegations emerged.

When confronted, Brown said the allegations were true and admitted to having done it before on a previous trip to China.

During the trip, students - who were writing blog posts on Brown's laptop - accidentally deleted an entry and it was while they were searching his 'trash can' that they found disturbing images of a fellow student 'naked from the waist down', according to an affidavit.

Brown, who has taught at Colby since 2003, is now being investigated by the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit but handed in his resignation at the end of last month.

Police seized his college-owned computer and other electronic devices during a search of his campus apartment on January 27, according to an affidavit filed in Kennebec County District Court in Augusta.

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  1. Oh; right; him. Yuck. Too bad he has such a common name; he might actually be able to resume something resembling a normal life. At least he can't get work as a proffie (at least I certainly hope not. Maybe one of the sleazier online places would hire him).

  2. You'd think that someone with a Ph.D. would know enough not to do anything compromising on any computer that anyone else uses at any time.

    But you would be wrong.

    1. One can have a great education but not a lick of common sense. Or a lot of entitlement.

  3. That's a photo of him that he wants people to see. He'll probably never know what it's like to have people see photos of him that were taken in his most private moments in his bathroom.


    1. "When he is not engaged in economics research, Philip H. Brown enjoys whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, bird watching, and baking bread"
      ... and spying on teenagers while they pee?



      I guess he didn't go to prison because he's working someplace called "Geosource Capital". I hope they sweep the restrooms every week for hidden cameras.


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