Monday, February 11, 2013

“Whoa, hold it,” I shouted, “Hamster cells?”

"Yes," he chuckled. "You see, hamster cells are very robust."


  1. I wonder how often hamster experts visit this blog after performing a Google search thinking its a forum of like-minded people, only to be disappointed.

    Until they realize how awesome we are.

  2. Appropriately, Beaker Ben, it was your sparkly avatar that led me to this article. You see, I was envious and I decided that if you could sparkle, so must I. And dammit, I was going to outsparkle you! I was going to have a sparkly, wait! A sparkly duck riding an alpaca! Yessss, that would be my avatar, and all Miserians would be in awe.

    Except, I couldn't find one. So I searched for the next best thing, a hamster and an alpaca, and found this article. Which reminded me that, truly, we all share some of the same miserable DNA. My envy over your avatarial achievement is so petty, and I am humbled. If you sparkle, Beaker Ben, we all sparkle.

    Sparkle on, buddy. Sparkle on.


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