Saturday, March 30, 2013

Честно говоря странной.

Франк-мы разделили должности в течение года. Вы игнорировали меня и шести других вспомогательных веществ, не означает подвиг, так как мы были довольно вокальным за дерьмовый LMS администрации в бюджете. Мы также пытались выяснить, как президент получил рейз при регистрации упал.

Вначале, мы его получили. Фрэнк особенный. Вы захватили премьер недвижимости в офисе, полный с блокировкой файлов ящик. Вы несете десять флэш-накопители и стойку с кучей книг, как вы владеете мире. Вы заняты, заняты. Слишком заняты для нас. Вот почему мы не приглашаем вас вне кампуса партии.

Но так как вы узнали, что я собираюсь уехать на Ph.D. школу, вы будете действовать, как будто мы лучшие почки.Прозвищ --- на самом деле? То, как вы искать меня и поговорить со мной перед всеми другими добавками является странным. И когда я четко есть проекты в процессе. Все, что вы говорите только о себе --- вашего соединения Лиги плюща, и как это время вы получаете в доктора Программа тоже. Разве это не здорово? Что я думаю?

Я думаю, что, откровенно говоря, Фрэнк, это подделка это противно. Пошел прочь. У меня есть исследования. Я классификации. Я должен созерцать свой ​​пупок. Я должен сделать что-то (anything!), кроме доли воздуха с вами.


  1. Well.
    I guess it's time to go out and drink.
    Do svedania.

  2. This is what google translate came up with:
    Frankly bizarre.

    Frank, we have divided the post for a year. You ignored me and six other excipients, no mean feat, since we were quite vocal for crappy LMS administration in the budget. We also tried to find out how the president received a raise during registration fell.

    Early on, we got it. Frank's special. You captured the prime real estate in the office, complete with file locking drawer. You are ten flash drives and rack with a bunch of books like you own the world. You are busy, busy. Too busy for us. That is why we invite you to an off-campus party.

    But as you know I was going to go away for a Ph.D. school, you act as if we are the best pochki.Prozvisch --- really? The way you search for me and talk to me in front of all other additives is strange. And when I clearly have projects in process. All that you say only about yourself --- your connection Ivy League, and this is the time you get to the doctor program too. Is not it great? What do I think?

    I think that, frankly, Frank, it's a fake it's disgusting. Go away. I have a study. I classification. I have to contemplate their navels. I have to do something (anything!), the portion of the air with you.

  3. So, despite its history, Russian doesn't have a word terrible enough to translate "chairpeople"?

    Anyhow, is this the calm before the April 1st storm?

  4. This is so incredibly great. In Russia the icon clicks you?

    All of it. I was waiting for April 1st and it came early.

    Thank you, RGM!

    AND COOLEST STUDENT EVER returns? Masterstroke. Even my ads are Russian!

  5. Now, retranslated via G-Translator "I think that, frankly, Frank, it's a fake it's disgusting. Go away. I have a study. I classification. I have to contemplate their navels. I have to do something (anything!), the portion of the air with you."
    "I have to contemplate their navels"

  6. Right after I meet with the Martian Ambassador. . .

  7. I so so so love the misery.

  8. I mostly love that it is NOT April 1st. Glorious.

  9. Sheer brilliance. I really did look at the page for a moment a bit stupefied. Thank you all!

  10. You crazzy motherfuckers have loosed the chain for good, I see. You've gone all the way, further than I thought you had the nerve.

    I guess this means Strelnikov used that second class bayonet off his Mosin-Nagant and stabbed puny Fab Sun's throat. I knew it was only a matter of time.

    If any of those compound refugees got out of Ogden in time, there's always room at my cabin out in Lost Creek. Varmints. Whiskey. Foghat LPs.

  11. I second all the comments. I haven't been around for a bit and didn't know what to think when I saw the page this morning. That Stoli ad is the best.

  12. I love it, Cal. And BEFORE 4/1. Brilliant!

  13. Oh, Leslie, too...I know she's a vodka freak!


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