Saturday, March 30, 2013

Today's VidShizzle. Listen, People Hate VidShizzles. They Really Hate Xtranormal. I Guess I Make them For Myself. Maybe I Should Get a Little Diary. With a Lock. But Then How Would I Know if I Exist?


  1. What do I have to do to get a shout-out in these damn vidshizzles?

    Leslie K

  2. Oh, Cal,
    won't you,
    shizzle me, too.

    I'm quite photogenic,
    and talented,
    it's true.

  3. Is April Fool's Day already over? Please don't take down the Russian posts...they are fun to look at.

    I'd watch a vidshizzle every day, Cal...


  4. I like 'em; I just can't get always get them to play in any satisfying, non-jerky way. That's what I get for only having DSL (and not taking Verizon up on their nearly-daily offers to upgrade t o FIOS. Seriously, at this point, most of my landline phone calls are coming from my phone/internet provider, asking me to upgrade. Something is wrong with this picture).

    Maybe the above makes me an old fogey, but it's interesting: for all the claims that the current generation loves to consume information via video, I find that the screencasts I post for my online classes never receive quite as many views as they should, given the number of students in the class. I suspect a few more of them view than read, but video is still not the magic recipe for that elusive goal, 100% engagement.


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