Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hops & Herb! (And the Return of an Old RYS Feature,)

North Carolina State      [link fixed]
Working Title: Research Assistant (Organic Medicinal Herb)
Work Schedule: Mon - Fri / 8am - 5pm
Department: 111501 - Horticultural Science

Essential Job Duties
It will be the primary responsibility of this employee to oversee an existing organic medicinal herb and natural products research and extension project. This employee will also have substantial responsibilities in a hops project and a multi-state broccoli project and be expected to assist in many other field based projects.

Major duties for the medicinal herbs and natural products projects will include overseeing existing Chinese medicinal herb test sites on the research station and in grower fields, organizing sessions to train a group of people to grow a forest botanical, keeping up with market trends on medicinal herbs and natural products, analyzing supply and demand of specific non-timber forest products, networking with growers and buyers, writing leaflets and bulletins, preparing materials for the websites, and organizing field days and workshops.

Major duties for the broccoli project will include assisting with planting throughout the season and data collection.

Major duties for the hops project will include data collection, harvesting, and drying of cones.

Departmental Required Skills
Experience with growing medicinal herbs and commercial organic agriculture is required. Applicant must be proficient in using Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Excellent organizational, interpersonal, writing, and computer skills are required. The applicant must be willing to travel across North Carolina. Travel will sometimes include evenings and weekends. Applicant must be able to drive a manual transmission truck.


  1. Hooray! I meet all of the qualifications!! And it's cold as a witch's tit where I live now...maybe it's time for a career change.

    1. Me, too! (qualified -- more or less -- and tempted). However, as Dr. L points out below, the broccoli part could be tough, especially as far south as NC. Broccoli doesn't like heat.

  2. People always wigged out about Job Finder. That's why I added the "mockery-free" tag, and that annoyed people even more. It was a much loved feature (by me), and not loved by many others.

    I always thought it was cool to see the wild varieties of academic jobs that are really out there.

    And how can you not like a job that features hops, herb, AND broccoli?!?!?

  3. Hell yes. If the college is going to be a business, we may as well produce some goddamn useful products. Throw open the doors on Saturday mornings and have a farmer's market / craft bazaar / something. Then, when someone in the "real world" asks you what you do, you can say "I teach Advanced Gerbil Anatomy and sell smoked country ham." Guess which of those two vocations they'll want to talk to you about?

  4. Only my Cascades have made it in my climate-- dead dead dead Saaz and Centennials--and my broccoli gets those fucking cabbage moths. I think I should stay where I am for now.

  5. As soon as I saw "medicinal herb" I thought Cash would be all over it.

    1. I'm sure he has an application in, but his broccoli experience is pretty limited.


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