Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Small Victories!

First paper due yesterday for my Intro to History of Material Culture of Small Rodents.

Section #2, 40 papers submitted, and...        [are you sitting down?]

every single student had stapled the pages together.

"Lemurpants, what are you going to do now?!"

"I'm going to Disneyland!"


  1. Quick! Start minting the medals!

    In my "small victories" category this week, as of today, a Tuesday, I've actually had multiple emails from students about an assignment that isn't due until Friday. THEY ARE ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT THIS STUFF.

    Maybe Frod ought to jot down the current planetary alignment and let us know when we can expect such riches again.

  2. And then I woke up. Had it really been just a dream? Was Bobby Ewing alive all the time?

  3. "....every single student had stapled the pages together."

    At first I thought they had stapled all the papers together in one unwieldy mass....my secret mental reprogramming scheme seems to be working, save for the ones who now fart on their toasters.

    1. This makes me think of the scene in Brazil where Tuttle gets disintegrated by ministry paperwork. Or a bureaucratic version of Tetsuo the Iron Man.

    2. "Brazil" is the more truthful form of the "1984" story, which is why the studio tried to bury it and slapped on that stupid "love conquers all" ending.

      I've seen both "Tetsuo" movies; caught the second one at the local art house where they turned the speakers to 11. Would not be a good environment be in high on LSD.

  4. Ya see, I TOLD you that threatening them with violence works!

    (The planetary alignment had nothing to do with it.)


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