Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Compound Cal is Shameless.

Hello, Compound Cal here, the official consigliere for CM, and the last damn moderator of RYS.

As you likely know, I'm a musician who occasionally forces my songs on the CM public. Nobody stops me. How could they?

My longtime Texas band quit playing live in the late 90s, but over the past few years we've gathered in Nashville and Dallas to do some recordings. And we occasionally release a mediocre collection of songs.

We're doing this in 2013 as well, with a collection of new recordings we've worked on over the past 18 months.

We're trying to cover a tiny amount of production costs through the crowd-sourcing fund raising site Kickstarter.

We only have a couple of hundred bucks to go, and there are rewards for $20 and $50 pledges. If we fund the project, your credit card is charged and you get your CD and/or t-shirt in the mail in August. If the project misses its funding mark your card is not charged at all.

The link for more info is right here. (There's even a funny video.)

And to whet your appetite, here are a couple of mediocre, cobbled-together videos that simply provide some eye candy for the music. Both of these songs will be on the new, as yet untitled, disc.

Thanks to Les, a STRONG supporter of my band (thanks for the $50 pledge, you sweet thang), for letting me hawk the notion here so widely.

Play it Cool
The Take
Girl Who Disappeared

PS: And before anyone asks, no, we don't know Kate Bosworth.


  1. My dream of becoming your groupie: achieved.
    I just made a modest contribution. Wish I could have done so without Kickstarter registration OR linking to my Amazon account for payment...but groupies to what they need to do...

    1. You are so very kind, and that's not a modest contribution! I and the fellas from the band really appreciate it. I'm hopeful we'll make our funding and will be so pleased to send along the new disc. (We're going to throw in a special "college misery only" bonus disc as well for folks from here.)

      Truly, thanks for the pledge!

  2. Cal makes me smile daily with his grapics and makes me laugh outrageously at his songs (in a good way, I promise). That's worth donating! :)

    1. I am so appreciative. I will continue to ruin the page with great and phony humility.

  3. Hey, Cal. You won me over with those sample songs. Plat it Cool is fantastic!! I ordered the t-shirt / CD combo!! Good luck! 🍺

  4. Is there any banjo on it? Because if there is, I'm out.

  5. I spend too much time on this site. Giving is my repentance.


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