Wednesday, May 1, 2013

On Smiting.

I would smite you,
were you in front of me,
and I had a heavy item available.

You pick on Darla?
You are a cad.

Darla is an open heart,
and she is not alone in that here.

What a place
this is,
the bits and bytes,
our blahhhhhhg.

And we shall carry on,
the six or 4 or
seventeen of us,
as we choose,
with or without
any particular fear
of displeasing you,
or other carbuncular
jackasses who
occasionally raise their
puffy heads
to bark.

What a lovely Wednesday
it is here for me.

And here I am planning
a smiting.

Even if I had to travel,
I still might smite.

I have the tools.
I'm about to have the time.

And for Darla, I would,
for all of us,
I'd do it with
a bit of glee.

You'd be alarmed at my speed,
despite the age
and bad shoulder.


  1. Many here have already confessed being smitten (that is the past-tense of smite, correct?) with you, but not by you Dr. Tingle.

  2. Hear, hear! And yay for camaraderie and smiting and smittenness. :)

  3. Love it! Well said, Dr. Dick.

  4. One does not want to be smitten by a Dick Tingle. I think that goes without saying.

    So I said it.

  5. Dick Tingle rocks my world.

  6. Thank you, Richard...



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